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Come and try out Morris Dancing - Free trial session

Following our season of summer displays weekly winter practice evenings are on Wednesdays at the Southbourne Club, New Road, Southbourne, Emsworth PO10 8JX. Please see the Programme page for details. Please contact us to arrange a free lesson

An added attraction is that beer prices there are generally less than elsewhere!

The Foreman (teacher) is Jimmy Gaffney, who has many years experience, and coaches us to perform in our easy floating Martlet style, which is entertaining for the audiences, and enjoyable for us. On one occasion in the Clubs history, Jimmy did the choreography for a display in the Royal Albert Hall by the Martlets and three other respected teams. So who better to do the teaching?!? Newcomers will be given training in basic stepping, before the next stage of hand movements and which way do I go?! Fred Astaire only just made it as a dancer at his first audition, but became a legendary film star!

The Men gather in the bar ready to start their practice in the Hall at 8pm, finishing at around 10 or 10.15pm. No Morris kit or bells are worn at practice, and casual clothing is the norm. The only requirement is to bring a couple of white handkerchiefs, or a portable instrument if you are a musician, plus the ability to share a joke and a certain amount of friendly banter. Newcomers need NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of Morris or Sword Dancing, and there are no fees to be paid in the first season. Age is no obstacle, whether you are of student, working or retiring age. Although we are a club of Morris Men, female musicians are welcome. A blue tabard is issued to each newcomer once an elementary skill has been reached, and six Martlet birds are professionally applied upon election at a later stage. Come and give it a go. No-one will expect you to pick it up instantly or easily, but once you have mastered it you will never regret it. The Martlet comradeship is there for life.

Just contact David (martlet.morris@hotmail.co.uk), Secretary (The Bagman) so that we know you are coming for the first time, and we will ensure that you are made very welcome. Come and have a go and help preserve one of Englands finest traditions. Musicians are also very welcome.